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Windows XP Professional

For Windows XP Professional is called a client operating system from the software company Microsoft. The internal name during development served the company in Whistler. The version was from 25 October of 2001, available for purchase. Besides XP Professional, there are still about the Home edition, a version for tablet PCs or even a special Media Center Edition.

The version of Windows XP Professional is designed to be used in business. So it may not surprise that some features are implemented in the other versions are not available and are about the private use and not more needed. An important feature of Windows XP Professional, for example, would the remote control so that it is possible to connect from a distance on a computer with this operating system. In addition, of course there are connections from a computer can be installed on the Windows XP Professional.

High data security due to Win XP Pro Another important issue in the field of business is data security and this is ensured by the EFS file encryption. The data are thus also secure if a computer is stolen or in some other way is lost. With Windows XP Professional also can be used by multiple processes SMP and simplified maintenance can be implemented through policies into action. Furthermore, there is the possibility to set up a small network that over a dial-up and broadband connection is able to connect to the Internet.

The operating system is Windows XP Professional may be, well characterized for its reliability and uninterrupted operation. Furthermore, there is a protection against the failure of applications and the Windows security is also increased, and can be adjusted more precisely. The desktop has been improved management and efficiency of users could be increased. Nothing to sneeze at, of course, are also the advanced laptop features that are likely to offer especially for workers in the field.

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