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Windows XP Home Edition

Windows XP was the first decade of the new millennium clearly the dominant operating system for home users. Published early in 2001, it caused his predecessors from soon, and still holds holds the largest market share among home operating systems.

Moderate requirements for Win XP Pro

At release was Windows XP - like any new operating system - whether shunned its significantly higher hardware requirements often. From today's perspective, however, these minimum system requirements are already met by the smallest PCs on the dimensions. Even several years old computer - a time span that is in the age of IT already an eternity - come easily cope with Windows XP Home.

The long development time and the steady releases of service packs and other patches and security updates has meant that Windows XP is now seen from very mature. Virtually all published applications available for the past nine year old operating system. Otherwise there are few arguments against Windows XP Home. The extreme distribution of the operating system guarantees a very large software base consisting of commercial and freeware applications that can probably offer in this size no other operating system. Also, the user guide is in view of the long life of Windows XP Home now so in flesh and blood, that anyone can deal with this sleek operating system.

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