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Windows Vista

Windows Vista is Microsoft's sixth major operating system since Windows 3.1. It appeared early in 2007, ending the largest interval between two operating systems in Microsoft's history. Many users, however, held firmly to the predecessors - unjustly, for the many improvements over Windows XP in terms of safety were a great improvement.

Windows Vista - More security with UAC One of the innovations that made Microsoft included in Windows Vista, is the so-called User Account Control, UAC short. This system is mainly used for security and to help inexperienced users, unauthorized software, behind which are often malicious software such as viruses to recognize. For it is from Windows Vista prior to each invocation. Exe file a window appears that asks the user whether they want to run or install the software really. If you logged in as administrator, a simple, just click on the OK button. All other Windows Vista users on the computer, do not know the administrator password can, however, do not use the application.

New effects and more multimedia
The user interface in Windows Vista has been changed so that the complete use of the operating system necessarily requires a DirectX 9.0c graphics card. This is used to create transparency effects in Windows Vista, which make for example, the title bar of the program window transparent. This serves not only the look but is the fact that the graphics card does the rendering of the window, even faster than the traditional way. If necessary, you can disable this technology called Windows Aero yet.

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