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The name of the law proceed as undercover cop Tanner for the third time to hunt gangster. This time, drives a syndicate of car thieves havoc in Miami, and in the role Tanners you infiltrate into the gang. But on the trail of crime boss take a shower not only on the hot asphalt of the U.S. metropolis, but also through the streets of Nice, and ultimately even give in Istanbul full gas. Because the game is called 'Driv3r' and the name obliges! Stunning racing action, daring stunts and spectacular maneuvers know millions of fans for years. What is new is the detailed damage model to each vehicle to disassemble pixel accuracy and with numerous effects into its component parts. In addition, you can explore on foot, and opponents do casual with a shot from the hip to the cities. Get ready for the hottest city tours of the year !!!


  • (R) evolution: whether sunny Miami, picturesque Nice or vibrant Istanbul? three world cities and more than 200,000 meters of road were implemented in detail for the game.
  • 30 Undercover or in civil: Crack 30 story missions or contact the many other game modes too.
  • Armed and Dangerous: Tanner elect its opinion amplifiers of about a dozen weapons.
  • jaunt complacent ?! Sit behind the wheel of 70 compact and sports cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats.
  • The revolutionary damage model, you can disassemble the whole car body in every part. Physically correct, of course!
Cover / booklet French, speech German
Action Adventure
Language German

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